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Stick Figures
weight lifter yay jump rope squat ballerina customer service yoga one hand stand leaning boxing proud mom cook business man teen construction worker drawing sleeping yoga pray heart salute / looking using a smartphone flagging baseball batter spear throwing open arms hurdle jumping working with a laptop honesty hugging knees sad writing wizard soldier basketball vitruvian man friendship hierarchy favorite business man flamenco dancer cheerleader sitting and talking sitting drawing hear nothing posing female wheelchair super hero flying sitting child super hero superman superhero satisfied jumping for joy stuck in a box questioning sitting hero peek sitting sitting aha moment ninja bow and arow selecting stop girl archer thumbs up thinking pointing super hero running reclining female lumberjack sitting jogging showing high five super hero super hero woman stretching standing Tennis fairy worker female stick figure proportions family super hero dancing explaining drawing martini holding a sign walking with bag tamer happy female with phone happy dog pose questions sitting hamlet doctor inspecting rocky young clown running holding a ball devil hero reclined female headstand cross legged female dancing push up running can't draw sitting bowing hey action female with phone nurse shouting cop